Dimitra Month in Review: April

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4 min readMay 5, 2022


Update from our Chief Digital Currency Officer:

We want to thank the community for your ongoing support and patience during the current crypto bear trend and we hope that this will reverse soon.
We continue to “BUILDL” and we are ahead of our milestone objectives.

Some notable news:

  • Dimitra will launch our bounty program with Ocean in the next few weeks and communications will begin soon on this.
  • Dimitra expects to have an exchange announcement in Q2. (Announcements always comes from the exchange)
  • Here are links to the last two AMA’s we had with two asian investor communities:
  • Dimitra x Ternary Capital AMA Summary
  • Dimitra x Cherry Capital AMA

Dimitra Livestock Guru Platform Launches

Dimitra has officially launched Dimitra Livestock Guru. This platform contains specific modules focused on Breeding, Genetics, Feed Management, Livestock traceability, record management, export and performance management. Dimitra Livestock Guru collects information throughout the animal’s life cycle, compares it with data available from similar genetically-mapped animals, and applies Artificial Intelligence (AI) to suggest to farmers the best way to maximize results, avoid diseases, and improve reproductive productivity rates.

NAGRC & DB deploying Dimitra’s Livestock Guru Platform

Dimitra and partner Loys Technologies are working with the National Animal Genetic Resources Centre & Data Base (NAGRC & DB) to deploy Dimitra’s on the development, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of their Integrated web-based Livestock Information Management System (ILIMS) for the collection, generation, transmission, processing, storage, tracking, and reporting of information related to animal breeding, production, conservation, commercialization, and non-tax revenue generation.

Bolivia Oruro Announcement

The Government of Oruro will be implementing Dimitra’s advanced technology to help develop the state’s agriculture and improve production in terms of volume, productivity, and quality to achieve competitiveness in the market. Another goal of working together is to increase income for farmers and enable new learning opportunities pertaining to the production and management of their lands.

Bolivia SwissContact Announcement

SwissContact is employing Dimitra’s technologies to help improve Bolivia’s Inclusive Market Project and accelerate farmers’ sustainable development in environmental, economic, and social factors. Dimitra will make its application available, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, and satellite images for farmers already served by projects carried out by SwissContact in Bolivia.

Azaitona Alkhadraa Co. Announcement

Azaitona Alkhadraa Farms was established in 1994 and is now one of the largest agricultural companies in Libya. Together, Dimitra and Azaitona Alkhadraa will empower the smallholder farmers of Libya by deploying the Connected Farmer Platform.

Libyan farmers will benefit from Dimitra’s Connected Farmer Platform, accessible on their mobile phones. This convenience allows for planning and execution of the farming value chain by converting farm-based inputs into sustainable, data-driven advice to assist farmers with critical farming decisions.

GGG Company Announcement

Dimitra and Green Global Group (GGG) will work towards establishing that food security is available year-round with consistent quality. This goal aligns with Saudi Arabia’s vision for 2030 to transform their agri-food sector and, in the process, protect national resources and provide food for their increasing population.

Dimitra is designing and developing systematic functions for GGG’s specialized (Green Aire) cooling systems and soilless technology. In addition to this, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) will be utilized to create fully automated greenhouses. As a result, planting, seeding, and harvesting are kept in a controlled environment, eliminating many challenges faced in the industry.



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