Dimitra x Cherry Capital AMA

Did you miss our latest AMA hosted by Cherry Capital? On March 22nd 2022, Cherry had hosted a second AMA with Dimitra. We would like to give a big thank you to Cherry Capital and their community for having us, as well as the continued support!

Q: For those of you who are not familiar with Dimitra, please tell us what Dimitra is doing now and what it plans to do for the remaining three quarters of 2022.

A: There is a lot going on at Dimitra and we have big plans for 2022.

First, I wanted to share a video we released last week:

Dimitra is working hard to have agreements in place with 20+ countries by the end of this year and we expect to double our internal headcount due to such strong demand for our projects.

We are currently building out our partnership with Ocean Protocol that you can read about here: https://dimitratech.medium.com/dimitra-partners-with-ocean-protocol-100-million-small-farmers-globally-to-benefit-from-data-56b1a7171b35.

We also signed a partnership with Xi Protocol that you can read about here: https://www.einpresswire.com/article/563836072/dmtr-and-xi-partnership.

We recently signed an agreement with 3 NGO’s in Nepal to help with their agriculture initiatives that you can read out here: https://dimitratech.medium.com/dimitra-brings-agtech-solutions-to-nepal-e4e74e2330c

A few weeks ago we launched our newly branded “Livestock Guru” Management & Genetics module with 4 African nations and on April 4 our SaaS model v2.0 will be live in India.

Our soil reclamation project in India continues to gain traction and interest and has grown from 1.3 million farms to 2 million farms since we last spoke. This may be the largest soil reclamation project in the world :)

We’ve recently made some major additional deals in Uganda (national government), Indonesia (major coffee association), Egypt (national farming group), Colombia (national sugar cane association), Bolivia (farming association), India (government), Papua New Guinea (large farming group) and Brazil (several associations) and will continue working to onboard more users to the platform.

Dimitra wants to have 100 million farmers using our platform by 2025. To put this in perspective, currently the worldwide number of crypto wallets is around 300 million so imagine the impact Dimitra could have on the blockchain industry!

Last, Dimitra will continue building and expanding our platform’s capabilities and delivering real value to farmers (our biggest goal) and improving people’s lives across the world. Dimitra is building an ecosystem and a worldwide community which is the key to our success.

Q: As a data-driven agricultural product, Dimitra also has many competitors, such as Agvesto and AgRite, etc. What are the advantages of Dimitra when combined with blockchain technology compared to these products

A: Most of our competitors focus on agricultural niche’s and many of them do a great job of serving a niche.

What we’ve found is that most farmers don’t want 5–10 applications to manage their farm. They want a comprehensive system that takes them from planning through market, from planting to harvest.

Dimitra is the operating system for agriculture. We combine the best of the market into one comprehensive system. We apply blockchain, artificial intelligence, satellite analytics, drones, IoT sensors, farmer observations and many more technologies to provide advice to farmers via a mobile platform.

Some key advantages are we have developed advanced machine learning algorithms that extract data from many sources (not one niche) to make a recommendation. Better data results in better recommendations and better performance.

We have developed proprietary technology to harmonize soil and climate with farming, we are helping change the way we farm to reduce climate change and increase crop output.

Q: I have seen Dimitra’s Twitter before, and one of them is about deforestation. So what technologies does Dimitra combine to achieve this function?

A: Deforestation combines blockchain based land registration with satellite imagery and machine learning.

On each individual plot of land we can count the trees and identify any changes in foliage cover. We can do this over large geographies

In areas of South America and Asia, there are rainforest protection regulations that require a farmer to maintain 30% coverage, like carbon credits, farmers who have greater than 30% coverage may be able to share their extra acres of coverage to farmers who don’t meet the minimums. They can do this to earn revenue for their farm.

We can also help identify farms that are not meeting the requirements so governments can work on remediation plans. Assuring that we have ability to absorb carbon emissions is critical to the planet.

As we all know forests are a huge part of healing the planet. Also, soil management plays a role in healing the planet. Together we can make a huge difference.

We are working on the world’s largest farming-related soil project in India right now, it is for 2 million farms. We will take this technology and share it with the world over the next few years.

Q: Dimitra has been listed on some very good exchanges at present, such as Kucoin Gate, etc. Do you plan to be listed on other exchanges in the future? What rights and interests can investors have when they buy $DMTR?

A: Great question. The short answer is yes we will list on more exchanges but we cannot comment on which exchanges or when this will happen.

Listing announcements comes from the exchanges themselves.

As for interest, we have staking via our Dimitra platform and an APY of 13% compounded. We are also focusing on adding DMTR to liquidity pools, doing token burns, and more. We should have news on that within the next month.

Q: At present, many farmers in developing nations cannot realize smart agriculture, so how does Dimitra bring this technology to these countries to help these farmers?

A: The adoption of mobile phones and particularly smart phones is accelerating technology adoption in developing nations. Dimitra delivers most services through a mobile device.

We can perform our satellite analysis, machine learning and other analytics in the cloud and deliver insight to the app, directly into the hands of farmers.

We work with farm associations, government agencies, not for profits and NGO’s to help train large groups of developing farmers and bring them onto the platform.

For example, as a sneak peak, we just signed a deal with the sugar cane association in South America. This association has over 500,000 member farms and producers. Working with large organizations gives us access to spread our platform strategically to large groups. This announcement won’t come out until next week.

We connect farmers all over the world with enterprises looking for their great products. We help level the playing field between large scale farming adoption of technology with small farms.

If you’d like to know more about Dimitra please consult our social media channels here:



Now it’s time for our favorite free question and answer session, guests will be awarded 10u per person, limited to 5 people, everyone is welcome to participate actively.

Q: Can you show some pictures or videos of Dimitra APP?

A: https://youtu.be/c5X5IKZ8GMY

Q: What are the target markets you are currently targeting? What are your plans for rapid growth in terms of users, global markets and partners?

A: Great question our target markets is all across the world. We target all 570 million small farmers in the world and we are already active in over 70+ countries and this number is growing all the time.

Q: How to retain users is a very important issue. Many projects are really very popular at the beginning, but they are hot for a short time. Ever wondered how to solve this problem?

A: We work with the farming associations to solve a problem, increase productivity and mitigate risk. We continue to work hand-in-hand with these associations to deliver new modules and functionality to provide the service that they need.

For example, we are working with a coffee association in Sumatra Indonesia. The supply a very large volume of coffee to the world. We have a team on their farms right now walking through their processes and help design customizations so that they can have not just an app but a partner in growing and selling coffee.

Q: Talking about security, we know that no one can guarantee the security of intelligent contracts, but the audit play an important role in finding the known vulnerabilities of intelligent contracts. Can you tell us how powerful? Do you have received any third-party audit?

A: We have had a third-party audit on Certik: https://www.certik.com/projects/dimitra

Q: What does it actually do for $DMTR holders?

A: This is an important question. Users are the key to the $DMTR economy. Users create demand through licensing, purchasing of services, purchasing of sensors, DeFi loans, and many more features. As we onboard users they start to experience and use $DMTR creating demand for tokens.

Use of the system connects the farmers to users through $DMTR

Our platform is very young. We are rolling out our SaaS model next month, we rolled out our livestock model a few weeks ago. We started building over a year ago and have a team of almost 150 now. Our onboarding of customers is just getting started.

CHERRY: Okay, this is the end of our AMA, congratulations to the winning pro, everyone remember to pay attention to the project!



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