Dimitra x Ternary Capital AMA Summary

  • Dimitra Agriculture Awarded Technology Contract
  • Dimitra and Agzon Agritech announce partnership delivering mobile ag technology to 350,000 farmers
  • Dimitra Incorporated to Deliver Agriculture Technology Platform to Bangladesh
  • Dimitra Announces New Partnership with Brazilian Association of Fruit Producers & Exporters (ABRAFRUTAS)
  • NAGRC & DB deploying Dimitra’s Livestock Guru Platform
  • Dimitra’s Technologies to Empower SwissContact Bolivia
  • Creating Opportunities for Farmers in Bolivia
  • Pico Modern Agriculture agrees to work with Dimitra across Egypt to digitally enhance farming operations
  • Dimitra Collaborates on Digitization of the Colombian Panela (Sugar Cane) Sector
  • Dimitra announces new Agricultural Technology projects in Nepal
  • Connecting Indonesian Coffee to the World
  • Enhancing agricultural operations in Libya



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Dimitra Technology

Dimitra Technology


Our mission is to partner with developing nations to make agricultural technologies more accessible to farmers. https://dimitra.io