Dimitra 2021 Year End Recap

Hello Everyone,

We’ve certainly had a momentous year in 2021 at Dimitra. First, I wanted to thank our communities across the world, our exchange partners, our esteemed network of partners, our amazing internal team members, Dimitra Ambassadors, and our outstanding external contractors.

We couldn’t have achieved so much without all of your support and hard work and in believing in Dimitra. It has been a team effort, and we’re so much closer to realizing our mission of moving mountains and helping with; global hunger, food security, and food sustainability.

Here’s a summary of what we’ve accomplished in 2021:


Dimitra now has 123 Dimitra team members in 68 countries, and we expect this number to double in 2022. This is amazing to look back upon to see where we were a year ago and how small the team was!

Our Projects:


Dimitra was awarded a contract from the OBC Indian Chamber of Commerce, Industries, and Agriculture for deploying the “Connected Farmer” platform to 1.3 million farms in India for soil assessment & remediation. This may be one of the largest soil remediation projects ever. Dimitra was also awarded a contract with Agzon Agritech for 350,000 farms to distribute our “Connected Farmer platform.”


Dimitra has signed a partnership with the 3rd largest fruit producer globally, the Brazilian Association of Fruit Producers and Exporters (ABRAFRUTAS). Its members represent more than 85% of the total fruit exported by Brazil. Dimitra will explore how our technologies can be used to increase efficiency in Brazilian fruit farming, logistics, and exports. Some context on how massive this is — Agriculture is responsible for 26% of GDP in 2020 in Brazil, and 32.5% of workers within Brazil are linked to agribusiness.


Dimitra has signed an agreement to work with the Ugandan National Animal Genetics Research Center (NAGRC) and Loys’ Technologies to build a system that allows Uganda to use historical & genetic data around the parentage of cattle and find out ways to improve the health of cattle and increase livestock productivity.


In partnership with SOJAG, Dimitra will implement our Connected Farmer Platform in Bangladesh to support several critical farmer service initiatives already underway. These projects include agriculture education programs, farm & livestock insurance, micro-credit financing, food safety, and security. The scope of this project is one million farms.


We conducted a pre-sale token raise from June to September and raised $6.5 million USD. We appreciate all of our big and small investors — a big thank you to you all!


Dimitra is listed and actively trading on four of the world’s top cryptocurrency exchanges: Kucoin, Uniswap, Gate.io, and Bitmart.

We are honored to work with you all, and we’re expecting this number to grow significantly in 2022!

Keep in mind that exchange announcements come directly from the exchanges, Dimitra will not be making any comments prior to announcements.

Token Audit:

Dimitra completed its Token Audit and resolved all findings and recommendations with Certik in August 2021.


Unizen / ZenX:

Dimitra is officially incubated by blockchain incubator, ZenX. ZenX is a CeDeFi incubator that supports decentralized projects, empowering their growth with technical expertise and growth management — as well as assuring its full compliance. The team at Unizen is fantastic, and we couldn’t have done all that we have without them. We’re excited to continue working with them closely, and their expertise is second to none.


Dimitra is partnered with Morpheus.Network, and we utilize their platform to monitor food as it is shipped from farm to markets, to customers, and to manage the compliance documentation related to exports. Morpheus is a global leader in traceability, and we’re very excited to continue working and building projects with them well into the future.


Dimitra has partnered with ICO Pantera, an accelerating investment firm composed of leading experts in Research, marketing, trading etc., and is most active in the Korean Crypto community. ICO Pantera makes investments strategically and provides services such as overseeing all areas related to cryptocurrency including consulting, marketing, strategic design, and network areas. ICO Pantera is working with several world-class exchanges and projects and has produced successful results. ICO Pantera has established partnerships with many of the largest crypto exchanges, such as Kucoin, OKEX, or MXC.

Howl Media:

Howl Media is our creative agency that helps accelerate growth across crypto projects, blockchain, and Defi projects. You’ll see a revamped website from Howl for us shortly and a lot more amazing content coming from them in 2022!

Our newest ecosystem partner — DroneX.ai:

The initial projects that Dimitra and DroneX will work on are developing a spray drone and management platform. The initial focus is South East Asia. Keep a close watch on more to come.


We’ve been featured by so many great publications:

Forbes, Corporate Investment Times, CIO Review, AMA Room, Real Vision, The Moodie-Davitt Report, Altcoinbuzz, CryptoCoinshow, Cryptocoin News, and more.

Dimitra Academy:

We ran our first cohort in the spring on “Digital Transformation in Agriculture” for 55 Agriculture Ministry participants. We’ve almost completed our second cohort for 45 more Agricultural Ministry participants from across the globe.

Dimitra Incubator:

We’ve received some fantastic submissions, and we’ll announce winners in March 2022. Stay tuned!

Dimitra Points Program:

Our internal technology team has finalized the “Farmer Points Program” design, a significant part of the overall Dimitra platform.


Thank you again! We will have some amazing announcements coming in early 2022. Stay tuned….

Be safe, stay healthy, and enjoy your holidays!


Mike Meurin

Chief Digital Currency Officer @ Dimitra




Our mission is to partner with developing nations to make agricultural technologies more accessible to farmers. https://dimitra.io

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Dimitra Technology

Dimitra Technology

Our mission is to partner with developing nations to make agricultural technologies more accessible to farmers. https://dimitra.io

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