Dimitra Announces New Partnership with Brazilian Association of Fruit Producers & Exporters (ABRAFRUTAS)

Dimitra is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Brazilian Association of Fruit Producers and Exporters (ABRAFRUTAS) https://abrafrutas.org/.

Abrafrutas represents fruit producers and exporters from all over Brazil. Its members represent more than 85% of the total fruit exported by Brazil.

Brazil is the 3rd largest fruit producer in the world, with a planted area of more than 2.5 million hectares and more than 44 million tons of fruit produced annually. Employing over 16% of the entire workforce in Brazilian agribusiness.

Dimitra and ABRAFRUTAS are excited to explore how Dimitra’s technologies can be used to increase efficiency in Brazilian fruit farming, logistics and export. Abrafrutas Executive Director Eduardo Brandão mentions that “Today, only 14% of fruit producers in Brazil are considered highly technified. The partnership with Dimitra will certainly contribute to solving some technological bottlenecks in the sector and, consequently, help to change this reality”

Dimitra’s Latin America’s regional director Diego Costa says “he is honored to support the objectives of ABRAFRUTAS & Brazil to help feed the world, they are a leader in the fruit industry and an important partner in Dimitra’s South American expansion”.

About Dimitra:

Dimitra (DMTR) is a blockchain platform that is democratizing the agricultural technology space for smallholder farmers globally. Dimitra provides access to the blockchain, machine learning, Internet of Things sensors, and Satellite Technology through a mobile platform that helps farmers globally increase their yield, reduce costs and mitigate risks. Current farming practices are not sustainable; creating an evolution of practices will contribute to solving some of today’s largest issues for farmers. Issues like poverty, hunger, global warming, carbon emissions, freshwater, and soil preservation are all impacted by the adoption of Dimitra. Dimitra’s platform provides utility by combining the crypto investment cycle with agricultural development practices within nations globally.



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