World Water Day 2023

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2 min readMar 22, 2023

World Water Day 2023 is a day of awareness around the vital role water plays in the world. The observance was initiated by the United Nations in 1993. Exhibits are hosted in various locations, headquarters, and embassies worldwide to give water — and its life-sustaining role — center stage.

World Water Day Theme

“Water affects everyone, so we need everyone to take action.”

World Water Day has a different theme each year, and the 2023 theme is “Accelerating Change,” with a focus on the sanitation crisis.

There are a couple of reasons this year’s theme on sanitation is important:

  • Dysfunction throughout the water cycle undermines movement on all important global issues, from health to hunger, gender equality to jobs, education to industry, and disasters to peace.
  • Almost half of the global population — 3.6 billion people — lack safe sanitation. (WHO/UNICEF 2021)

Water conservation efforts are part of the messaging around World Water Day and advanced in many arenas through an interplay between sustainable development and technology.

Here is an overview of some of the initiatives that embody the ethos and goals of World Water Day.

Smarter Farming for Rice Paddies

In the past few years, a novel tactic in rice farming has come into play, with the goal of maximizing the use of valuable water. This polyculture practice is an integration of aquaculture and agriculture, growing rice in paddies alongside fish. In fact, rice-fish farming is an environmentally preferable approach and one that can improve in precision with the aid of agricultural technology.

IoT Sensors to Reduce Overwatering

Overwatering crops is an avoidable waste now that IoT sensors and other remote monitoring technologies exist for farmers. Knowing when and when not to water has often been a guessing game for smallholder farmers around the world who don’t have intricate infrastructure and connectivity.

At Dimitra, this is a cause we’ve taken up with great passion. Farmers using sensors can log in to the Dimitra App to see the soil reports. They then make a data-based decision on whether watering is necessary.

Save Water, Save the Planet

The long story short of water conservation is that every life on earth depends on it. Moreover, World Water Day is a great opportunity to stop and remember how valuable each drop is. No one is more aware of this than farmers.

As a farmer-founded company, Dimitra won’t stop until every farmer in the world has better tools, better insights, and better implementation to protect their farm… which is, to protect the earth.

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