Traceability & Anti-Cattle Rustling

Advanced Cattle Tagging Methods

  • Age
  • Sire/dam/progeny
  • Previous owners
  • History
  • Health incidents

Traceability & Anti-Cattle Rustling With the Dimitra Livestock Guru System

  • Birth to market livestock traceability. This isn’t just an immediate payoff, but has long-term benefits as farmers start tracking patterns that can drive strategic decisions.
  • Real time monitoring. Sensors can send app-based alerts, notifying farmers in real-time if animals leave a designated perimeter. Tagged animals can be monitored for any movement, whether they get through a break in the fence, an open gate, go missing, or are stolen.
  • Proof for litigating cattle rustlers. Farmers need hard evidence to prosecute cattle rustlers. With the Dimitra Livestock Guru System, they may access numerous points of proof for livestock ownership. This provides the essential backing to defend their claims and recover losses.
  • Emergency alerts for reduced response times. Disease outbreaks, natural disasters, food safety issues, and theft are all too common for farmers, and can have devastating impacts. Any unusual cattle behaviors or warning signs can trigger alerts in the Livestock Guru System, giving farmers lead time to respond proactively.

Dimitra: On Mission



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Dimitra Technology


Our mission is to partner with developing nations to make agricultural technologies more accessible to farmers.