The Role of Drones in Agriculture

Drones + Agriculture: Capabilities & Benefits

  • Cultivation — The growing itself is supported by autonomous spot weeding, spraying, and seeding. Drones are easier and cheaper than any other existing machine-based process.
  • Data gathering — Farmers benefit from all kinds of information, much of which can be gathered by drones. Drones gather, store, and transmit data in code, in videos, in photos (advanced imaging), and even by transporting physical samples.
  • Harvesting — Drones can alleviate manual processes — or those previously done by huge and expensive machines — during harvest with tasks like selecting, picking, and handling.
  • Surveillance — An easy, autonomous vehicle that can navigate the skies but doesn’t require the investment of a prop plane or helicopter? That’s appealing to any farmer, especially cost-conscientious ones. Drone surveillance can give farmer’s a bird’s eye view of the land by field scouting, crop monitoring, intrusion detection, and more.
  • Crop management tasks — Larger drones can be outfitted with additional tools and features that support pruning/thinning, mowing, and tilling/soil preparation.

Drones + Livestock Management

  • Phenotyping — For livestock management, drones are useful in collecting data for genetics and breeding programs, both in terms of the animals themselves and in animal behavior data collection.
  • Livestock tracking — Farmers can detect and reduce theft and enhance loss prevention through drone surveillance and tracking.
  • Assistance and automations — Large-scale or small-scale livestock management can benefit from tech-enhanced assistance and automations. Drones can be used as herding devices, which makes them useful in herd management, milking, and more.

Drones Give Farmers an Advantage

Example: Drones and Coffee

Drone Data: Dimitra Platforms



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