The Digital Transformation of the Colombian Agricultural Industry

Empowering Farmers with Knowledge and Technology

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3 min readOct 20, 2022

BELIZE CITY, BELIZE — Dimitra Incorporated, a global Agtech company, is on a mission to make technology available for farmers worldwide. As a result, Dimitra has signed a technical agreement with the Uniagraria University of Colombia. Uniagraria is one of Colombia’s most recognized universities focused on agribusiness. Dimitra and Uniagraria will teach smallholder farmers how to use digital technologies to increase their yield, reduce expenses, and mitigate risk.

In the agricultural industry in Colombia, knowledge about Agtech is minimal. However, small and medium farmers are responsible for 83.5% of the goods produced for the local region’s supply chain and food security. With the help of Dimitra’s Connected Farmer Platform and its data-driven farming approach, actionable recommendations can be made in real-time to assist farmers. Agricultural production rates can increase by implementing these precision agriculture methods.

It is necessary to lead at the national level, to implement these changes on the farm. One way to do this is by spreading the knowledge of the agriculture industry’s digital transformation to professors and university students, who can knowingly apply and use these technologies.

Dr. Fernando Mahecha Aguilera, Dimitra’s Colombian Sales Partner, says, “combining Dimitra’s and Uniagraria’s knowledge gives this effort more value. With the support of an expert entity in education, such as Uniagraria, the utility of this project will grow immensely.” Working with Uniagraria is just the beginning. Joining forces with other institutions will add value even more to this partnership through joint research and data analysis.

Dimitra and Uniagraria are exploring opportunities to expand technical knowledge, increase profit, and reduce costs to smallholder farmers who currently don’t have access to modern technology. With Dimitra’s Connected Farmer Platform, farmers can produce more sustainably, economically, and environmentally.

(left to right) Dr. Javier Hoyos, PhD. Dean of the Faculty of Agroindustrial Engineering Uniagraria. Dr. Jorge Orlando Gaitan, MVZ. Founding Partner and Uniagraria Rector. Dr. Fernando Mahecha Aguilera, Zootechnician. MBA. — Country Sales Partner, Dimitra Colombia S.A.S Dr. Juan Carlos Reyes, MBA. -Vice-rector Uniagraria Colombia.
Dr. Fernando Mahecha Aguilera, Zootechnician. MBA. — Country Sales Partner, Dimitra Colombia S.A.S at the Digital Transformation for the Agricultural Sector and Colombian Farmer Workshop promoted by Uniagraria in partnership with Dimitra.

The Agreement signed with Dimitra links this prestigious Agrotechnology Company to the ambitious Agrotechnology Extension and Appropriation programs that Uniagraria has been developing in recent years. It completes the design scheme using Knowledge to achieve actionable implementations of Digital Transformation for the Agricultural sector in which Dimitra Technology is an expert,” says Dr. Javier Hoyos, Dean of the Faculty of Agroindustrial Engineering of Uniagraria.

Dr. Jorge Gaitán, Founder and current dean of Uniagraria mentioned, “With the executives of Dimitra, we have similar concerns regarding the issues of agricultural and agro-industrial development in the country. Knowledge is the basis of progress, and the application of technology in crops, agriculture, and precision farming, is already the business model that will allow us to add value to our products and compete sustainably and competitively. Dimitra Academy will surely support thousands of farmers to be competitive in this already global world.

Dr. Juan Carlos Reyes, Vice President of Uniagraria, asserts, “the agreement will provide scope to achieve the outlined objectives which will benefit Colombia and its farmers.”

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