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3 min readJun 21, 2022


June 21st, 2022

BELIZE CITY, BELIZE — Dimitra Incorporated, a global agtech company on a mission to make its technology available to smallholder farmers globally, is working with the National Federation of Goat and Sheep Farmers of Colombia (Fedeanco) to improve goat and sheep breeding in Colombia. Dimitra is enhancing the development of technical tools that help raise these animals and their overall genetic improvement.

Sheep and goat production is considered one of the oldest livestock activities in the world. For Colombia, this industry has always been considered a very localized production alternative in the cold areas of the country. However, since wool is a valuable, non-perishable product and there is production of dairy by-products from goats, these ranches have gained strength over time.

Nonetheless, despite the importance of this market for livestock in several countries, few companies have invested in the development of innovative products for this sector. That’s why Dimitra and Fedeanco are working together to strengthen sheep and goat farming in Colombia and Latin America.

Fedeanco is leading technical discussions on the main difficulties and needs of the sector, trying to involve associations from other Latin American countries. In addition, Dimitra is putting its team of experts to identify and develop solutions to help this vital sector.

The mission is to build a unified platform to share knowledge and information between producers from different countries while simultaneously forming the most extensive database worldwide on goats and sheep. This aids with the formulation of public policies, the development of sophisticated AI (artificial intelligence), assisting producers to make the best productive and reproductive decisions while increasing productivity and profitability in the sector.

The president of Fedeanco, Dr. José Carlos Arregoces Barros, mentions that “With this agreement with Dimitra Technology, I am convinced that our goat producers, for meat and milk, and sheep, for meat and wool, will find new ways to produce not marginally but in a more zootechnical way in order to satisfy domestic demand and generate surpluses for export in a profitable way that serves to build a new social class.

For Fernando Mahecha Aguilera, Dimitra Sales Partner, “The sheep-cattle sector in Colombia is made up of diverse social classes, but the majority overwhelmingly represent the true rural producer, who has not had the opportunity to involve precision goat-sheep farming. This currently leaves a window of growth opportunities, which will surely improve the quality of life of rural Colombia.

For Diego Costa, Dimitra’s Director for Latin America, “it is an honor to work with forward thinking associations who have vision. This partnership will not only help with goat and sheep farming’s development in Colombia, but it will use the mobilizing power of Fedeanco and the technological capacity of Dimitra to reach hundreds of thousands of ranchers throughout Latin America.

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