Promoting Agricultural Innovation in Bolivia

May 12th, 2022

BELIZE CITY, BELIZE — Dimitra Incorporated, a global agriculture technology company on a mission to make its technology available to smallholder farmers globally, is working with Fundación Proinpa to promote innovation in families of entrepreneurial farmers, micro-farmers, and agricultural companies.

Prionpa and Dimitra are working together to promote the technological development of Andean agricultural products and accelerate the inclusion and economic development of the agricultural sector in Bolivia. Dimitra’s Connected Farmer platform will be available to farmers associated with Proinpa to use some of the most diverse technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), satellite reports, remote technical assistance, and blockchain, to increase production, and reduce costs.

Proinpa has been working for many years in Bolivia with partners from different countries to develop agro ecological management of crops and promote sustainable agrobiodiversity management. They are also developing inclusive impact-oriented agribusinesses and offer services for producing and marketing fresh Andean products and derivatives.

The work strengthens bio inputs, such as bio fungicides, biopesticides, biofertilizers, biostimulants, traps, and pheromones to encourage more sustainable production and reduce pests and disease resistance against conventional products. Furthermore, organic production, added to the possibility of traceability through blockchain, helps farmers add value to products, increasing profitability and helping to reduce poverty in the region.

The General Manager of Proinpa Foundation, Rolando Oros, says, “First of all, we want to thank all the predisposition and willingness to materialize the agreement between Dimitra and the Proinpa Foundation in Bolivia will undoubtedly contribute to improving the production and profitability conditions of our target group. We think that the agreement between the information platform managed by Dimitra together with the environmentally friendly technology developed by Proinpa will be of great help to entrepreneurial farmers, family businesses, and companies throughout the country. We are extremely excited to combine the competencies of the two institutions, and we believe it will be a huge milestone for our services.”

For Armando, Dimitra Bolivian Partner, “having signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Proinpa is extremely important for Dimitra since this institution has been working for many years at the national level, contributing to the agricultural development of the small, medium, and large producers. Thus, by combining Dimitra’s technology with Proinpa’s knowledge in different areas, we will be able to help Bolivian farmers grow economically.”

Dimitra’s director in Latin America, Diego Costa, mentions that, “Proinpa has been working with Bolivian farmers for more than twenty years and now Dimitra is joining their efforts, this will be a very strategic partnership to accelerate the adoption of technologies by small farmers, which is our main target.”

The Proinpa Foundation is a science and technology organization that positively impacts families of farmers, micro-enterprises, and agricultural companies through technological innovation. With the ability to adapt and identify opportunities in changes in the environment. It is recognized in Bolivia and abroad for its efficiency, contribution, and commitment to agricultural development.

Armando Vargas, Bolivia Sales Partner Dimitra, with Rolando Gregorio Oros Martinez, General Manager of Proinpa

Press Contact: If you have inquiries about this news or to get in touch with Dimitra Incorporated, contact




Our mission is to partner with developing nations to make agricultural technologies more accessible to farmers.

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Dimitra Technology

Dimitra Technology

Our mission is to partner with developing nations to make agricultural technologies more accessible to farmers.

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