Empowering Global Growth with Dimitra

The Story Behind the Token

A Purpose-Driven Ecosystem

  • A single digital record of farm operations
  • Data to make on-farm decisions to increase productivity, profitability, and resilience
  • The tools to increase yield, reduce costs, and mitigate risks
  • Access to a vibrant marketplace to buy and sell products
  • Climate change
  • Reducing world hunger
  • Improving food safety and security
  • Alleviating poverty
  • Reducing desertification and soil erosion
  • Reducing deforestation

DMTR — A Utility Token for Global Change

  • Register and manage livestock
  • Register and manage crops
  • Connect with the marketplace
  • Add other forms of data (sensors, drone reading, etc.)
  • Swap to DMTR
  • Buy agriculture-specific services
  • Use DMTR to swap into another cryptocurrency
  • Use a local fiat offramp
  • Engage with the Micro Loan Program

Why This Matters for Token Holders

  • Staking — Rewarding long-term investors for supporting the project with a healthy 13% APY.
  • Farmer Points Program — Farmers receive points, swap to DMTR, then spend on agri-services or products, further adding value to the ecosystem.
  • Data exchange — The partnership with Ocean creates revenue that injects further value into the ecosystem.
  • Agri-service demand — Service and goods providers receive DMTR.
  • Agri-finance demand — Development banks and aid organizations provide funding through the platform and associated services.
  • Government ministry involvement — Government entities will further incentivize farmers to participate, resulting in more activity for the ecosystem and more demand.
  • Investment leverage with finance providers — As Dimitra invests in projects, they will find other investment partners. This multiplies the project-based investment dollars.
  • Consumption incentives — With discounts on goods and services, farmers are at an advantage buying and using DMTR through the marketplace.
  • Price mechanisms — With open appreciation and relatively fixed service pricing, a multiplier effect allows farmers to spend more as they become more successful.
  • Software developer demand — Developers create new modules that farmers can then engage with and use.

Token Distribution

  • 1.304% Sold to the Public
  • 20% Allocation for the Team, Advisors, Suppliers, Partners and Followers
  • 17% Staking and Rewards (total amount: 170,000,000.00) APY: 13%
  • 8% DMAS
  • 10% Farmer Rewards
  • 10% Ecosystem Fund
  • 10% Dimitra Impact Fund
  • 5% Reserve
  • 18.7% Foundation and Liquidity

DMTR Snapshot

Tokens in Circulation

Token Unlock Schedule

  • Farmer Rewards (start April 2022)
  • Ecosystem and Impact Grants (circulating, but not active)
  • Presale token vesting (22nd of each month)

Team Unlock Schedule

Deflationary Mechanisms

  • Farmer Points program creates demand
  • Data exchange w/ Ocean creates revenue
  • Agri-services create demand when they receive DMTR for services or goods
  • Government Ministries get involved, further incentivizing farmers to participate
  • Consumption incentives (discount services or goods for farmers)
  • Software Developers earn DMTR by adding new modules and software for farmers


Why it All Matters — Thinking Locally, Advancing Globally



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