Driving the Digital Transformation of Fruit Production in Roraima

Dimitra and Roraima institutions integrate technology in the state’s fruit sector

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5 min readDec 11, 2023

Dimitra Incorporated, a leading blockchain-based enterprise system for AgTech driving productive, intelligent, and inclusive farming, is collaborating with ABRAFRUTAS and CERES. Together, they will develop a project with the State Government of Roraima, the Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service (SEBRAE/RR), and the Federation of Agriculture and Livestock of Roraima (FAERR).

These organizations aim to implement sustainable technologies in fruit production within Roraima. Moreover, a focus will be placed on disseminating technological solutions that promote digital transformation in agriculture, boosting rural financing and enhancing the sector’s social, economic, and environmental sustainability.

Signing Ceremony with Local and National Authorities

Committing to a Digital Transformation

Located in the Amazon region, Roraima is the State with the highest rate of agricultural growth. It represents the new agricultural frontier of Brazilian agribusiness. Roraima possesses ideal characteristics and potential for a sustainable development model. This model is based on small farmers, family and indigenous agriculture, agribusiness, commerce, services, and tourism.

During EXPOFERR 2023, the involved parties forged an agreement to promote digital transformation and rural financing for fruit producers in the state. This agreement represents a commitment to technological development and sustainable economic growth in the region.

Diego Costa, Dimitra’s Director for Latin America, underscores the significance of collaborating with such important partners: “It is an honor for us to work with highly respected institutions throughout Brazil, such as the FAERR/SENAR System, SEBRAE, and ABRAFRUTAS, and to collaborate with a government that demonstrates technological maturity and a remarkable inclination toward innovation.”

The Importance of Cooperation

Multiple organizations are working together to impact the agriculture sector positively. So, let’s explore them.

Firstly, we have FAERR, representing the rural producers of Roraima. They focus on providing strategic guidance, rights advocacy, and agricultural development opportunities. They work in partnership with CNA and SENAR (National Rural Learning Service), both state Agricultural Federations that aim to strengthen the rural sector and empower producers.

From left to right: :Coordinator of Creative Industry and Sustainable Innovation at the Secretary of Agriculture, Reginaldo Rubhi; Managing Partner of Ceres Agrointelligence, Carl Amorim; Roraima State Governor, Antonio Denarium; and Latam Director at Dimitra, Diego Costa.

Another organization working to bring change is SEBRAE. This organization drives micro and small businesses, stimulating competitiveness and sustainable growth. What’s more, with training programs, access to credit, and promotion of entrepreneurial education from an early age, it works in financial partnership to develop skills.

Last but certainly not least, we have Abrafrutas. Abrafrutas consists of approximately 80 associated fruit-exporting producers. In fact, these producers represent roughly 80% of the total volume of fresh fruits exported by Brazil. Focused on uniting producers and processors of fresh and processed fruits, this organization continuously seeks to enhance commercialization and carry out promotional campaigns through its associated companies.

SEBRAE’s Superintendent, Emerson Baú, highlights the importance of cooperation by saying, “Bringing the federations to this space to assist the entire production chain and show people visiting the joint strength of the institutions. The idea is that from now on, we will further strengthen our joint actions, with each institution contributing its strengths. That is our goal, to bind them together.”

An Agenda to Support Cocoa Farmers

The collaborative project aims to provide technology and technical assistance to farmers. Farmers are being introduced to innovative methods to finance new areas, rehabilitate degraded areas, and implement more productive varieties. While the cocoa sector is initially the main focus, there are plans to expand to other crops.

Here’s a look at how it will work. Through satellite imagery and remote sensing, the first project phase will analyze the suitability of Roraima’s regions for cocoa production, identifying areas most conducive to production.

Next, a business plan will be developed. It will identify all necessary costs for cocoa planting and maintenance. This includes technology, sensors, seedlings, fertilizers, and technical assistance. With this in mind, all technological aspects will be provided by Dimitra, making the Connected Cacao Platform available to farmers.

Tokenization in the cocoa sector

After identifying production costs and mapping producers who will implement new cocoa areas, various crowdfunding projects will be structured. Each investment unit, representing a defined area, will be mapped and transformed into a digital asset (NFT), allowing producers to raise necessary resources from investors brought in by institutions and crypto investors worldwide.

In this scenario, the DMTR token will play a crucial role in facilitating this financing, allowing investors to become partners of Brazilian rural producers using DMTRs, receiving a portion of the profits while helping preserve the biodiversity-rich nature of the region.

Additionally, the parties will seek to establish partnerships with a vast network of stores and suppliers of inputs and equipment. Producers can purchase points (DMTRs) to access discounts when buying necessary products for their farm operations.

The overall objective

“It is through technology that we are increasing productivity in the lands of the state of Roraima. Innovation and research are essential to improve our results, always focusing on environmental preservation and increasing productivity on our lands. This is Roraima’s objective,” highlights Roraima Governor, Antônio Denarium.

FAERR President Silvio de Carvalho mentioned during the signing ceremony, “We are in a moment of state growth, and these partnerships allow us to show Brazil and the world what our farmers are doing. We are seeking to offer opportunities for producers to produce more and with better quality.

Discussing the project with the FAERR President

“RORAIFRUTAS is committed to promoting technological solutions that drive the sustainable development of fruit growing in Roraima. It is a unique and innovative opportunity for us to work with Dimitra and take Roraima’s farmers into the digital world, mixing different worlds that complement each other uniquely. The state of Roraima and the Amazon region present unique conditions and everyone’s interest in promoting sustainable agriculture, which helps to produce food, combating hunger, and at the same time preserving and recovering the forest with fruit growing and agroforestry practices”, concludes Ilaine Henz, president of RORAIFRUTAS. This entity represents ABRAFRUTAS in Roraima.

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