Dimitra’s Commitment to Advancing SDGs: Life on Land

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Over 10 million hectares of land are destroyed by deforestation every year. Globally, it is an estimation that 90% of this land undergoes deforestation due to the expansion of cropland and livestock grazing areas.

The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a list of 17 priority objectives that promote worldwide sustainability. There is a critical demand to protect and restore terrestrial life. This effort focuses on limiting and reversing deforestation and ecosystem degradation.

Above all, SDG #15, Life on Land, is more important than ever before.

At Dimitra, we’re helping farmers, operators, and global trade companies advocate for sustainable land usage and crop management.

Life on Land SDG

15 “Protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss.”

For instance, people are making continuous efforts toward ensuring sustainable forests and more responsible natural resource management.

However, even with these efforts, many of the commitments and instruments designed to protect and restore forests — as well as the biodiversity they contain — must still be implemented properly.

This call is urgent if we are to ensure healthy and resilient societies that sustainably use forested land.

Deforestation Risks to Life on Land

Agriculture, deforestation, and biodiversity loss are inseparable issues that impact sustainable development. For example, in 2022, the Amazon rainforest experienced deforestation at a record high. As one of the most biodiverse places in the world, the Amazon continues to face serious risks of species extinction and rainforest destruction — mainly due to agribusiness operations.

Equally important, through other land threats such as desertification, pollution, and increasing construction in rural areas, it is an estimation that 40,000 species are at risk of extinction in future decades. Although the data and warnings are imminent, millions of hectares of land continue to be the victim of destruction every year.

Sustainable Forest Management Solutions

If the world is to experience the progress it needs, agriculture and land-resource industries must activate sustainable land management.

However, critical biodiversity areas throughout the world need to be properly established and safeguarded. Area-based conservation is essential for SDGs 14 (pertaining to marine ecosystems) and 15 (pertaining to terrestrial ecosystems).

In other words, countries need to commit to setting these safeguards for sensitive areas. In addition, they must be setting voluntary targets for achieving land degradation neutrality. The recent EU law banning commodities linked to crops grown on deforested land exemplifies this proactive effort.

New Farming Technology: Protect Forested Land and Life

At Dimitra, we have a commitment to helping farmers and global trade companies comply with new and upcoming laws similar to the EU deforestation ban. With the Dimitra Deforestation Module, consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies, farmers, and importers can obtain certifications that comply with new trade laws.

In fact, using satellite analysis, geofencing, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and mobile technology, operators can detect deforested areas. Farmers who operate on non-deforested land can prove their compliance in an effort to protect biodiversity. More importantly, farms that operate fraudulently — utilizing deforested land or furthering deforestation — can be easily detected and penalized.

Farmers and agricultural companies around the world can now use the Dimitra Deforestation Module to mark their geographical location at times of harvest. Furthermore, they can then automatically generate maps of the area to certify changes in deforestation or reforestation over time.

With this innovative solution, farmers gain access to risk assessment, farm mapping, certification, and the DMTR token. In addition, a record of all farming activity is securely on the blockchain for immutability.

Learn more about reversing deforestation and operating certified trade practices today. Visit www.dimitra.io/deforestation to see how it works.



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