Dimitra x Ternary Capital AMA Summary

Thank you to Ternary Capital for hosting us for an AMA last week! If you missed the AMA, please see the list of questions asked below!

Q: Members of the community may not know Dimitra very well, so please tell us about what Dimitra is doing right now.

A: A lot is happening at Dimitra. First, I wanted to share a video we released for those who have not seen it:

We expect Dimitra to have agreements in place with 20+ countries by the end of this year and to double our internal headcount due to such strong demand for our platform. Today we have grown to a team of 150 people. One of our latest developments is finalizing a big data initiative/bounty with our partners at Ocean Protocol, and more news about that will come out very soon.

Please read about our Ocean partnership here:


We also signed a partnership with Geometric Energy Corporation (Xi Token):


We also signed an agreement with Nepal:


Dimitra also just launched our newly branded “Dimitra Livestock Guru” Management & Genetics module with 4 African nations, and on April 4, our SaaS model v2.0 went live in India. In addition, our soil reclamation project in India continues to gain traction and interest. It has grown from 1.3 million farms to 2 million farms, which may be the largest soil reclamation project in the world.

We’ve recently made some major deals with Uganda (two contracts one on crops, another on livestock), Indonesia (focus on coffee), Egypt (national farming group), Colombia (national sugar cane association), Bolivia (3 deals — farming associations and NGO), India (government), Papua New Guinea (large farming group) and Brazil (several associations). We will continue working to onboard more users to the platform.

Dimitra intends to have 100 million farmers using our platform by 2025. To put this in perspective, the worldwide number of crypto wallets is around 300 million so imagine the impact Dimitra will have on the blockchain industry!

Lastly, Dimitra will continue building our platform’s capabilities and deliver real value to farmers, which is our primary goal and in the process improve people’s lives across the world.

Q: Can you talk about Dimitra as a new type of agricultural driving product, what are its advantages over traditional agricultural products? What are the benefits to farmers of using Dimitra?

A: Some advantages:

1) Collaborative Platform Concept that allows other companies and technologies to connect to our platform to offer services, so the farmer can have access to all technologies in a single application, instead of 3 or 4 applications. Our platform brings more technologies together to offer a complete farm management system, from crops and production, livestock management and animal genetics, to agriculture finance and commerce.

2) The farmer also benefits from integrating data from different sources which will allow for much more accurate AI and discovering as-yet-unknown correlations. Combining IoT and supported by blockchain, our platform facilitates farmers in making optimal decisions. While smart farming technologies have existed for quite some time, our blockchain advantage relates to proper management and optimal use of the data collected. The technology also offers a secure data security system.

3) The very use of artificial intelligence and blockchain are technologies little explored by the agricultural sector. Artificial Intelligence can act as a remote, automatic and cheaper technical assistance for the producer, teaching the producer to produce more and better. The platform makes farming a sustainable practice by using a simplified approach to optimize farming resources like water, labor and fertilizers.

Q: We have learned that Dimitra has recently officially launched the Dimitra Livestock Guru (Animal Husbandry Master) platform. What is the main role of the platform and what technologies are used to help develop the livestock industry?

A: Dimitra Livestock Guru will make it possible to digitize and centralize genealogical, production, reproduction, and health information for the entire bovine herd in a country, facilitating the implementation of genetic improvement programs. Through data collection and applied AI analysis, it helps farmers improve the performance of meat, milk and genetics production.

With all the information available on a single platform and the application available to the producer, it will be possible to apply Artificial Intelligence to suggest better reproductive decisions, such as “which animal to use” to achieve the best results, considering productive, reproductive, health and economic criteria, while instead of using the currently existing decision methods. This will greatly speed up the genetic improvement of the herd. Here is a link if you’d like to know more:


Q: As far as I know, Dimitra has agricultural technology cooperation with many countries. Which are these countries? In addition, can Dimitra announce the roadmap for us and what is the ultimate goal of Dimitra?

A: Great question! We have signed contracts with over a dozen countries. Here is a list of some of our deals:


  • Dimitra Agriculture Awarded Technology Contract
  • Dimitra and Agzon Agritech announce partnership delivering mobile ag technology to 350,000 farmers


  • Dimitra Incorporated to Deliver Agriculture Technology Platform to Bangladesh


  • Dimitra Announces New Partnership with Brazilian Association of Fruit Producers & Exporters (ABRAFRUTAS)


  • NAGRC & DB deploying Dimitra’s Livestock Guru Platform


  • Dimitra’s Technologies to Empower SwissContact Bolivia
  • Creating Opportunities for Farmers in Bolivia


  • Pico Modern Agriculture agrees to work with Dimitra across Egypt to digitally enhance farming operations


  • Dimitra Collaborates on Digitization of the Colombian Panela (Sugar Cane) Sector


  • Dimitra announces new Agricultural Technology projects in Nepal


  • Connecting Indonesian Coffee to the World


  • Enhancing agricultural operations in Libya

Our ultimate goal is to be deployed in 100 million farms by 2025 and become the Operating System for Ag-tech across the world and help the 570 million small farms that need Ag-tech the most. Imagine improving the yields for 100 million farms and what this will do to improve food security across the planet!

We will have an updated roadmap coming soon!

Q: The development of industrial agriculture has a great impact on the environment, and the development of sustainable agriculture is the general trend. As an agricultural product, how can Dimitra help farmers develop sustainable agriculture?

A: Sustainability is at the core of Dimitra. With each crop we work with, each country we work with, and each agricultural initiative, we always incorporate sustainable farming techniques to ensure each project will be more sustainable over time and in the long term. Some specific examples: Dimitra helping reduce carbon footprint with our soil initiative in India; targeted drone sprays for “Fall ArmyWorm’’ in Papua New Guinea that will reduce the amount of pesticides used, and much much more. Each contract we sign has these goals in mind, and every one of our team members is committed to improving the environment and making environments more sustainable. We have to leave the world in a better place.

Q: As a blockchain + agricultural product, what blockchain technologies does Dimitra use to realize smart agriculture? What was Jon’s original intention when he founded Dimitra?

A: Dimitra is an ERC 20 utility token, and our token drives utilization on our platform. Please think of the Dimitra platform as the OS (Operating System) and that our token is the gas that powers the platform. All transactions on the platform use the DMTR token, and all ecosystem services purchased, such as buying or contracting drones/buying sensors or other services, are all done in DMTR token. Over time, as we add new countries, the laws of supply and demand are definitely in play.

Blockchain isn’t used by itself or in a vacuum. Instead, all the technologies within the Dimitra platform work together, and the power comes from combining these technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Sensors, Drones, Satellites, and mobile.

Q: Dimitra uses blockchain technology to create products and issue platform tokens, as a question that users are most concerned about: where can users buy Dimitra tokens at present? What is the economic model of tokens? Buying Dimitra Tokens can bring investors what benefits?

A: Thank you for the great question. Here is an article about the economic model and tokenomics for the DMTR token:


People that would like to buy our token and support can go here, and all our exchange partners are also listed: https://dimitra.io/token

Buying tokens, directly and indirectly, gets our very elegant and useful technology to more farmers who need it most. The more our token proliferates and word spreads, the bigger its impact on the world.

Q: We know that many farmers on farms are not familiar with blockchain, and even have obstacles to using only apps and platforms. I am curious how you managed to get them to join and use your platform?

A: Farmers are interested in what the application can do for them. First we provide recommendations of how to increase their output, reduce their costs and mitigate their risks.

Second, we provide farmer points which can be converted to $DMTR, this provides incentive for farmers to buy IoT sensors, satellite reports and other technologies to advance their farming. This revenue cycles through the token.

Third, we facilitate the ability for farmers to sell their data through the token and our partnership with Ocean Protocol.

Q: User experience is a very important issue. Especially for new users, what efforts has Dimitra made?

A: We have a UI/UX team of 7 people focused on creating the best experience possible. We also partner with governments and NGO’s to provide for training.

Q: How does Dimitra generate profits/revenue to maintain your project, and what is its revenue model? How can we make investors and your project win-win?

A: We have many revenue channels 1) product licensing on a per user basis, 2) advanced reports and analysis, 3) revenue sharing models, 4) sensor sales and integrations,

Much of the revenue flows through the token to increase demand.

Now that we are onboarding significant number of users we will see the country ecosystems grow.

Q: Nearly 80% of investors only focus on the price of tokens in the short term, rather than understanding the real value of the project. Can you tell us about the motivation and benefits for investors to hold your tokens for a long time?

A: Dimitra is one of the fastest growing AgTech companies of 2022 and are being recognized for making technology available to one of the largest market segments in the world.

We have significant current adoption, a full sales pipeline, growing new technologies like Defi loans and insurance focused on the food supply chain and agricultural fields.

This is an exciting world and Dimitra is capturing a large piece of the global agtech market

Q: What are the main development directions of Dimitra in the future? Is it marketing? Or the development of products and technologies? Or both at the same time?

A: We are focused on both, we have a development team with a multiyear roadmap and a pipeline full of opportunities to expand our technology. To enable sales we have an extensive full time sales team in over 70 countries and a very productive marketing group that is filling our channels with great client leads.

Q: As the first farm project then how do we get our vision?

A: There are many components to our vision. Hundreds of crops that we need to build machine learning to support, extensive blockchain, AI and IoT functionality. We have a team of 150 building new features everyday.

Beyond that, as we talk to new customers, we learn about other agriculture, environmental and food challenges that we can help them solve.

Q: The current market trend is not very good. There may be a bear market later. There will be few users and funds during the bear market. Has dimitra taken corresponding measures during the bear market?

A: The trend is short term. The great thing about Dimitra and its market is that the food and agriculture space continues to grow. Long term we are a profitable company and can ride through challenging market conditions.




Our mission is to partner with developing nations to make agricultural technologies more accessible to farmers. https://dimitra.io

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Dimitra Technology

Dimitra Technology

Our mission is to partner with developing nations to make agricultural technologies more accessible to farmers. https://dimitra.io

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