Dimitra Welcomes Jimma Coffee Union in Partnership

Driving Change in Ethiopian Farming

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3 min readApr 17, 2024

We’re pleased to announce our partnership with Jimma Coffee Cooperative Union, a prominent name in the Ethiopian coffee sector. This alliance marks a major step forward in our mission to transform global agriculture. Jimma Union will harness Dimitra’s advanced blockchain-based AgTech system to drive accessibility, productivity, and inclusion for 140,000+ smallholder farmers across the Jimma region.

This partnership ensures farmers, cooperatives, buyers, and regulatory bodies access to AI-driven and blockchain-based technology that drives sustainable agricultural practices and fosters economic growth. These innovations ensure traceability, aligning with upcoming EUDR Compliance standards and underscoring Jimma Union and Dimitra’s common vision of transparency and accountability.

From Crop to Cup

With Jimma Union’s support, Dimitra’s AI-driven and blockchain-based products cater to the unique requirements of Ethiopia’s coffee industry. Dimitra’s solutions deliver personalized insights, enhancing yields and mitigating risks for two-hectare farmers and coops alike. Blockchain technology ensures transparency and traceability in supply chains, while Dimitra’s Connected Cacao platform will enable farmers to fully harness the potential of their crops while promoting sustainable agricultural practices.

Empowering Farmers, Advancing Agriculture

“We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Jimma Coffee Cooperative Union, marking a significant step forward in our mission to revolutionize agriculture,” says Victor Femi-Fred from Dimitra. “Together with Jimma, we’ll harness the power of technology to empower coffee farmers and drive sustainable growth in the industry.”

Fira Raya of Jimma Coffee Cooperative Union is just as thrilled to partner with Dimitra: “Access to these cutting-edge technologies will contribute to the betterment of our coffee farming communities,” he said. “This collaboration aligns perfectly with our mission to drive sustainable growth and ensure the welfare of our farmers.”

Impact Insights

  • Jimma Union engages with over 140,000 members across 212 cooperatives, ensuring prosperity for smallholder farmers across southwestern Ethiopia.
  • Operating in the Jimma Zone of the Oromia State, this partnership will uplift communities by fostering sustainable development, contributing to economic growth, and enhancing social well-being.
  • This alliance enables thousands of smallholder farmers to gain access to cutting-edge technology, empowering them with data-driven insights, precision farming techniques, and resource management tools.

Visit www.dimitra.io or www.jimmacoopunion.com for more information.

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The General Manager seen Signing MoU with Dimitra



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