Dimitra Teams up with Libyan Solar Company

Dimitra is working with The Libyan Solar Power Co. making AgTech accessible to rural farmers

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January 19th, 2023

BELIZE CITY, BELIZE — Dimitra Incorporated, a global Agtech company on a mission to make its technology available to farmers globally, is working with The Libyan Solar Power Co. The company specializes in designing and implementing solar systems on and off-grid-connected circles.

Dimitra and The Libyan Solar Power Co. are working to find solutions to help farmers in remote areas where electricity is not available. Together, they are developing agricultural operations to help these farmers increase their yields, reduce overall costs, and mitigate risks.

Out of the 170,000 remote farm holders that Dimitra and the solar power company initially target, most of these farms need access to reliable electricity.

Dimitra’s Connected Farmer Platform is undergoing deployment with the help of The Libyan Solar Power Company’s alternative energy to give farmers with limited access to electricity the same opportunities as those with access. By doing so, the farmers do not have to rely on the public electricity network but become their continuous providers of clean and renewable energy.

The MENA Regional Director, Mr. Maged Elmontaser, said, “Nearly 600 million people in sub-Saharan Africa still does not have access to grid electricity. The southern Libyan territories face the same challenge where most of these off-grid fields are in rural areas and depend on agricultural activities — for sustenance or income. Dimitra Incorporated and Libyan Solar Power Company support local Libyan farmers and associations to practice daily farming operations with no power cut-offs. By giving farmers access to electricity, we are providing them with the tools to transform their farming.”

Dimitra’s Country Sales partner, Mrs. Aya Sherif, states, “We are thrilled about this partnership as we both seek digital transformation and the development of agricultural operations in Libya. By adopting modern digital methods and tools in managing farms and providing alternative energy solutions, farmers can raise their productive capacities, advancing the agriculture economy in Libya.

Mr. Muhammad Al-Zarrouk, the Executive Director of the Libyan Solar Power Company, said, ”The Libyan Solar Power Co. for Renewable Energy signs a memorandum of understanding with Dimitra Incorporated, laying the foundations between the two parties, as Dimitra Technology benefits from the alternative energy solutions provided by the Libyan Energy Company. Dimitra is a global agricultural technology company committed to the goals of the United Nations for sustainable development. It provides technology solutions developed for farmers in Libya and all world countries. This agreement has two main priorities; localize alternative and renewable energy systems and smart agriculture solutions designed to enhance food security through sustainable agriculture, and push forward agricultural and economic development in Libya, keeping pace with the world and development in the field of smart agriculture.”

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