Hello Dimitra Community, here are some updates on our Portal. We condensed some of the previous articles to just this article to better help with any questions you may have.

We designed Dimitra not only for social good in mind, but also to reward our investors for supporting the project. We’re offering staking and our starting APY is 13% reward. By locking up tokens with our staking mechanism this will have the benefit of locking up supply and investors are rewarded for their long-term commitment to the project, and this removes tokens in circulation.

Currently, staking is our default for tokens purchased during presale. Dimitra Investors start at a 13% APY when they first stake their DMTR.

As we are currently still in the locking period, it is standardized for each account to be in staking. If you are wanting to transfer to your wallet, it currently will have to be done manually. Keep in mind that depending on which presale you participated in, we have certain unlocking dates.

Private Presale Round 5 — October 1st

Private Presale Round 4 — October 15th

Private Presale Round 3 — November 1st

Private Presale Round 2 — November 15th

Private Presale Round 1 — December 15th

*Tokens will be in the pending stage until the unlocking period is active based on the presale round you participated in.*

Should an investor unstake and choose to come back into the staking program the investor can earn the top APY rate back over 120 days.

After unstaking DMTR and then returning to stake:

  • DMTR APY drops to 6% and will stay at 6% for 45 days.
  • After 45 days, DMTR staking APY increases to 9%.
  • After 90 days, APY increases to 13% and remains at 13%.

If anyone is needing our contract address please check as follows: 0x51cB253744189f11241becb29BeDd3F1b5384fdB

How to Deposit DMTR into your Dimitra Portal:

This step is for those wishing to deposit DMTR for the purpose of staking from Metamask or another ERC-20, Hardware, or Software wallet as well as KuCoin.

Step 1: On the Dimitra Portal, please select “My Wallet” on the sidebar or dropdown

Step 2: Select the “Deposit DMTR to Stake” button

Step 3: You will be asked to enter in the amount of DMTR Tokens that you want to transfer

Step 4: You will be given the address to send your tokens, which you can scan with the QR code or copy using the button

Step 5: You will then want to enter in the Transaction ID that you will get from KuCoin, BitMart, or your Hardware or Software wallet*

*Do not enter in the Dimitra Contract Address or your Personal Wallet in this field, only the Transaction ID from KuCoin, BitMart, or your Hardware or Software wallet

Step 6: After you enter in all the information you will then press “Save Transaction”

Step 7: It may take 30 minutes before the DMTR Tokens appear in your Dimitra Portal

How to manually stake DMTR Tokens in the Dimitra Portal:

Step 1: On the Dimitra Portal, please select “My Wallet” on the sidebar or dropdown

Step 2: Click on the gear to open the dropdown menu to choose “Stake/Redeem Now”

Step 3: You will then click on “Stake” and then “Submit” your request*

*When redeeming your staked tokens, gas cost will be deducted from the tokens being redeemed

Step 4: You will see the confirmation message on the Wallet page

Step 5: Click on “Staking” to see your pending stake request

Step 6: Pending staking requests may take an hour to activate

Step 7: After saving your request, your tokens will be staked and start at 6% APY for 45 Days. After that it will move to 9% APY for another 45 days. When your staked Tokens go over the 90 days, it will move and stay at 13% APY.

How to Unstake / Withdraw Tokens:

This step is for those wishing to unstake their tokens and move them to their hardware/software wallet.

  1. Select the Staking tab on the hotbar
  2. Select the Staked DMTR that you would like to Unstake
  3. Click the Actions button to bring up the options
  4. Select Unstake to start the process of moving DMTR to wallet
  • *Keep in mind that Unstaking may not be instant, and it can sit in pending, or pending approval prior to being sent to the portal wallet.
  • **If you remove your tokens from the initial default staking (13% APY is the default staking reward) and decide to return and stake again at a later date, you will receive a lower staking reward of 6% APY for the first 45 days, and then on day 46 you will graduate to 9% APY staking reward, and then after 9 days you will graduate to the initial 13% staking APY reward.
  • “The first withdrawal of your tokens is free of charge. However, subsequent staking transactions costs are absorbed by the end user and the end user is responsible for ethereum gas fees to stake their tokens again.”

Our mission is to partner with developing nations to make agricultural technologies more accessible to farmers. https://dimitra.io