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8 min readDec 7, 2023

At Dimitra, we find ourselves in the middle of a technological intersection.

On one side, we have blockchain technology. On the other, agricultural technology. At this crossroads, we’re forging ahead not just as a tech disruptor but as a narrative maker of hope and change.

Our mission is to rewrite the story of smallholder farmers across the globe.

We’re not only obsessed with technology for technology’s sake but rather focused on using emerging technologies like blockchain, AI, ML, and satellite imagery to change how the over 600 million smallholder farmers make their living, build their communities, and develop sustainable practices that steward the environment.

Since we last updated you on our mission and growth, a lot has changed.

But, while the world’s been enamored with fleeting tech trends and transient crypto bubbles, we’ve been weaving a story that matters — one of tangible growth, palpable impact, and real-world change.

Join us as we unfold the chapters of the past year.

Through a medley of groundbreaking innovations and meaningful partnerships, we’ve taken deliberate strides, every step echoing our commitment to an inclusive, sustainable future.

Note: This article is an update to our “Empowering Global Growth with Dimitra” piece published last year. Be sure to review that piece to learn more.

Dimitra’s Vision

In the patchwork of fields that span the globe, there’s a silent rhythm, a dance of soil and seed, of rain and root.

Each farmer, whether they work small orchards of avocado trees or expansive coffee plantations, seeks a simple assurance: that their labor of love will bear fruit. Historically, these smallholder farmers have lacked access to modern agricultural tooling and technology.

Our mission is to empower these farmers to improve farming practices and processes through real-time insights powered by a unique and comprehensive tech stack.

From blockchain and AI to drones and advanced genomics, we’re removing the data silos and driving innovation globally.

It’s not just farmers who reap these benefits; it’s also the communities and governmental agencies they operate alongside. Dimitra has a global solution for supply-chain records to ensure regulatory compliance and traceability records, regardless of international frameworks and borders.

Our team comes equipped with more than technology, though.

We also offer communities across the world unparalleled access to experts in the field, providing a wealth of experience and knowledge right where it needs to go: to the local level.

The Dimitra team has worked with agricultural agencies in Brazil, India, Kenya, and Nepal.

Of course, it’s not all about the tech. Creating sustainable agricultural systems also means addressing a lack of robust economic access. On this front, Dimitra uses an innovative approach powered by cryptocurrency.

Through our unique blockchain technology, we’re democratizing finance.

For those marginalized by traditional financial systems, this kind of access isn’t a luxury but a means of sustainable growth. Underpinning Dimitra’s approach is an optimized blockchain architecture that powers a global marketplace, financial services, and distributed analytics.

A Dive into Dimitra’s Expanding Tech Offerings

Navigating the expansive avenues of farming, one can quickly grasp that it’s not a monolithic entity.

Each crop, each animal, every tract of land tells a different story. Here at Dimitra, we recognize this diversity and have built several platforms to cater to the varying needs of farmers.

Let’s explore some of the offerings together:

Connected Farmer

The Connected Farmer platform is our flagship offering and an embodiment of empowerment.

This all-encompassing app for farmers leverages Dimitra’s advanced tech stack to radically improve farming. From soil assessment to nutrient management, Connected Farmer delivers actionable data insights that refine and streamline the complexities of agriculture.

Connected Coffee

Specifically designed for coffee growers, this platform focuses on boosting both yield quality and quantity. It emphasizes transparency, allowing for real-time tracking from farm to cup. This ensures that customers know the journey of their daily brew.

Deforestation Compliance

In a world increasingly concerned with deforestation and forest conservation, this platform certifies farmers’ adherence to global deforestation standards all along the supply chain.

Through a blend of AI, ML, blockchain, mobile tech, and satellite analysis, international regulatory requirements are completely automated for farmers. This is particularly important given new standards and regulatory frameworks, like the EU’s regulation around deforestation-free products.

Livestock Guru

Livestock Guru harnesses the power of AI to monitor and analyze an animal’s lifecycle, providing crucial insights from genetics to health patterns.

By comparing data from genetically similar animals, we’re not only enhancing productivity and disease prevention but also guiding farmers on breeding strategies to bolster their livestock’s health and profitability. In the world of farming, it’s a game changer, turning tradition into tech-savvy precision.

Connected Cacao

The Connected Cacao platform represents a revolution for farmers, offering benefits that will transform the industry. One of the main advantages is the significant improvement in the efficiency of agricultural operations.

The application allows farmers to optimize each stage of the process, from cultivation, harvesting, fermentation, drying, storage, and marketing, reducing resource waste and increasing productivity.

The Utility of $DMTR in the Growing Dimitra Ecosystem

Cryptocurrency is not some passing digital trend. As of 2023, there are an estimated 420 million crypto users worldwide.

This isn’t some quirky monetary alternative; we’re actively redefining global trade.

Among these, $DMTR, Dimitra’s token, stands as a testament to our vision of streamlining agriculture through technology. $DMTR ensures a baseline currency that anybody can use globally, minimizing transaction fees for farmers.

But it’s not just about a digital coin.

To help you better understand the value and utility of $DMTR, let’s explore how the token democratizes the agricultural process.

Purchasing Advanced Reports with $DMTR

Think of $DMTR as a key to unlock a treasure trove of data.

Everyone from farmers, cooperatives, governments, etc., can access this data. While our base platform offers five satellite reports, $DMTR holders have the advantage of accessing over 15 specialized reports, providing insights that could redefine farming processes.

Licensing Through $DMTR

It’s not all about reports. $DMTR also plays a role in licensing.

The crop performance feature of the Connected Farmer platform offers licensing opportunities with payments in $DMTR. The platform will lock farmer rewards from licensing and use for a fixed period of time prior to releasing back to the cooperative.

For example, the Solok Radjo Cooperative, which focuses on coffee farming, recently paid its licensing fees for the Connected Coffee platform in $DMTR.

Tech Purchases Through $DMTR

Imagine a contract with a thousand users. Each user has ten cows.

Each of these cows needs a sensor, and $DMTR facilitates this process. Whether it’s onboarding existing sensors or procuring new ones from Dimitra, $DMTR is the go-to currency. Additionally, the margins from these purchases, paid in the token, further solidify the value of $DMTR and its importance in the ecosystem.

Deforestation Compliance Module

With the rising concerns around global deforestation, our Deforestation Compliance Module is more relevant than ever.

When we receive a deforestation certification request from a customer, we collect payment and subsequently pay the necessary government filing fees and expenses. $DMTR is then used to generate the certificate. More than that, though, $DMTR is not just a mode of payment; it’s a stamp of credibility. Once used, these tokens are burned, ensuring transparency and traceability with every transaction.

A Rewarding Experience for Farmers

When farmers interact with the Connected Farmer Platform and perform certain actions, they receive Dimitra Points in return. One recent example of how the program is expanding is in our collaboration with the One Million Avocado (OMA) initiative.

One significant aspect stood out during this collaboration: OMA’s choice to transact using $DMTR.

This not only solidifies $DMTR’s position in transactions but also magnifies Dimitra’s visibility amongst OMA’s farmers.

NFTs — Agriculture’s Next Frontier

One innovative approach to agricultural innovation is through the Dimitra NFT program. Here, we offer a platform to lending and investment companies to digitize farming assets and manage shared ownership for various farming projects globally. Initially we will be deploying an investment program in Brazil with AbraFrutas to provide services to cacao growers in Roraima state.

Shared ownership is a concept we’re excited about. In collaboration with OMA, we’re venturing into an untapped domain — merging NFTs with agriculture. The pilot? A series of Avocado Tree NFTs to be seeded across Kenyan farms, all tied to $DMTR for purchase and associated transactional expenses.

Partnerships and Collaborations Bolstering Dimitra’s Mission

The heart of our mission is much more than about technology; it’s about collaboration.

Each project we launch brings the opportunity to integrate with banks, insurance companies, service providers, input sellers and many other potential partners, who utilize DMTR to offer these services to our farmers. We ensure that with each project launched, it will contribute to the growth of our community and utility of the token.

Our partnerships have become an integral part of our progress. Our partners help us amplify our vision, extend our reach, and refine our solutions.

Ocean Protocol: Harnessing Data’s True Potential

Dimitra and Ocean Protocol share a vision to unlock the true potential of agricultural data.

But we’re not just collecting data. We incentivize farmers to become proactive data producers. Through the partnership with Ocean Protocol, we offer this data to clients with secure delivery through the Ocean data marketplace — and it’s not a detached entity.

Their marketplace seamlessly integrates into Dimitra’s platforms. The cherry on top? Our farmer community benefits by receiving a portion of revenue from data sales. This rewards them for their contribution and encourages further data collection.

Morpheus Network: Streamlining the Supply Chain

Agriculture doesn’t happen in isolation. It’s part of an intricate supply chain.

This is where the Morpheus Network steps in. From handling exports, ensuring documentation is in order, to simplifying the shipping process, their role is critical. Farmers across the supply chain need access to real-time insights, analytics, and information, and mobile technology is the solution.

This enables real-time decision-making. Whether they’re in the middle of their field or at a local market, our mobile tech ensures they’re always a tap away from insights, analytics, and crucial data. When they input data, there’s no lag.

Reflecting on the Past and Embracing the Future

Just a year ago, when we published our initial article about $DMTR, we positioned Dimitra as a beacon of hope for global farming. Today, that beacon shines brighter than ever.

From the conception of the $DMTR token to the visions surrounding the Connected Farmer app, we haven’t just chased our aspirations; we’ve lived them, evolving and refining with every step.

Our journey has been nothing short of transformative.

We’ve expanded our agricultural technology offerings, cemented meaningful partnerships, and, most importantly, listened to and acted upon the feedback from our core — the global farming community.

But we’re not one to rest on our laurels.

Looking ahead, we plan on driving deeper innovation and further strengthening our commitment to enhancing the synergy between agriculture and technology.

Our story continues, and we invite you to shape its next chapters with us.



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