Dimitra Announces the Launch of the Connected Cacao App

The Dimitra Connected Cacao App is now available on the Google Play Store

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3 min readNov 8, 2023

Dimitra Incorporated, a leading blockchain-based enterprise system for AgTech driving productive, intelligent, and inclusive farming, announces the launch of the Connected Cacao App. The application improves agricultural efficiency, ensures transparency in the supply chain, and helps strengthen cacao cooperatives.

A revolution for cacao farmers

The Connected Cacao platform represents a revolution in cacao farming. It offers a significant increase in efficiency for agriculture operations. The application allows farmers to optimize each stage of the process, from cultivation, harvesting, fermentation, drying, storage, and marketing, reducing resource waste and increasing productivity.

Furthermore, the application offers complete transparency across the entire supply chain. Farmers can generate a traceable label through the application, allowing cooperatives and producers to tell the whole story behind cacao. This is important as today, more than ever, buyers want transparency with the products they are purchasing.

Also, as far as the farmer is concerned, prices constantly fluctuate. This has a significant impact on them as they can’t store the cacao for long periods and often need to sell it right away and cheaper than they expected to.

Traceability and digitizing information

By using the Connected Cacao platform, farmers can make sure they have more produce, higher quality, and more market access. In summary, offering traceability is helping the product enter the most demanding markets while adding value to the product.

With digitized information, cooperatives have an accurate view of the entire process. This allows a more precise diagnosis of the situation for each region and producer, helping the overall decision-making process.

One of the most notable effects of this technology is the reduction of disparities in profitability between producers. Connected Cacao aims to create a more equitable environment where all farmers have the opportunity to thrive, regardless of their size or starting resources.

Cacao compliance with deforestation laws

Another challenge farmers face that the application considers is compliance with the new European standards regarding zero deforestation. In 2022, 141 countries signed a pact to eradicate deforestation by 2030. As one of the first to take serious action, the EU is implementing a law that effectively bans products originating from major crops linked to deforestation. Cocoa, which is the processed version of cacao, is one of the seven core commodities that must guarantee origin on a property that has not been deforested since December 2020.

What does this look like for farmers? Well, they must practice farming in more environmentally responsible ways. There’s no longer room for farms of any size to continue deforestation if they want to remain legally operational.

In addition to the functionalities the Connected Cacao application offers farmers, they will also have access to Dimitra’s Deforestation Compliance Module. When farmers sell their products to agriculture companies, they can use Dimitra’s platform to mark the geo-location of the origin farm at the time of harvest. This action will automatically produce a deforestation map to certify there is no deforestation before the shipments are prepared.

Tackling industry challenges with technology

Several organizations are already in the training phase and utilizing the Connected Cacao application as a tool. One of those organizations is REDMUCH, an organization in Honduras that, when translated to English, means “Network of Cocoa Woman Farmer and Chocolatiers of Honduras.” The organization currently consists of around 350 farmers, with the majority of them being female. As a whole, they work together to empower and support women in the agriculture industry.

The challenges the REDMUCH farmers face in the cocoa sector currently surround increasing productivity and international sales. An additional challenge includes the certification of organic and fair trade.

Dimitra is working with them to tackle these industry challenges with the help of its Connected Cacao platform.

The Connected Cacao app offers a more efficient, transparent, and sustainable approach to the cacao industry. This app is essential to a fairer and more environmentally conscious industry by optimizing farming operations, promoting cooperation, and empowering producers.

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