Dimitra and OMA Scale Up with 10,000 RWA Release

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2 min readMay 30, 2024


Today Dimitra and One Million Avocados (OMA) kick off an ambitious project to plant 10,000 avocado trees across Kenya over the next year. These Real-World Assets (RWAs) demonstrate our joint commitment to sustainable farming and community growth, signifying tangible progress in our mission to make a lasting positive impact through crypto investment, blockchain and AI.

One Million Avocados, a Kenyan startup, is focused on improving the lives of avocado farmers in the region and aims to boost the production and quality of East African avocados. OMA and Dimitra align on the vision of using technology to revolutionize farming practices and enhance agricultural results on a global scale.

By combining Dimitra’s technology with OMA’s field knowledge, we are transforming how avocado trees are planted, nurtured, and monitored.

Farmers can evaluate soil thoroughly, access customized education, and obtain detailed agronomy support to ensure the best farming practices. Farmers receive fertilizers, windbreaks, shade trees, and advanced sensors for precise monitoring with their RWA partnership all funded by Dimitra’s native token, DMTR. This approach boosts avocado production and strengthens local farming communities.

Our partnership is centered around our shared dedication to driving positive change, promoting sustainable farming, and providing opportunities for farming communities in East Africa.

Farmers will receive crucial resources, training, and assistance to help them thrive in today’s changing farming landscape. To our loyal community members, your steadfast support drives our mission and motivates us to push boundaries. Together, we are shaping a future where nature flourishes, communities thrive, and farming practices are sustainable for generations.

Purchase RWAs on the Dimitra Portal or Opensea, linking you directly to Kenyan farmers and their avocado trees. Once you receive your RWA- NFT you are on a path to share 20% of the revenue of the individual tree. Trees grow slowly but yields may be lucrative as the tree matures.

Investor Risks:

  • A percentage of trees die before they are productive.
  • Many factors, such as climate, weather, pests, disease, accidental causes, lack of nutrients, lack of water, and other risks, may prevent a tree from producing or achieving its potential revenue.
  • Donors will be able to monitor their tree(s) through the Dimitra portal, seeing the farm and photos of the trees.

Here’s to growth, sustainability, and prosperity,

The Dimitra Team


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