Data-Driven Brew: Dimitra and ALKO Join Forces for a New Era in Indonesian Coffee

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5 min readJun 27, 2024


Dimitra’s front-line farming technology is at the heart of an exciting new partnership in Sumatra, Indonesia’s heritage coffee hub. Partnering with Sumatra natives ALKO, this game-changing collaboration will propel the local industry forward. Founded by descendants of coffee farming practitioners. ALKO aims to achieve more than just business success — it’s dedicated to transforming the lives of thousands of growers and setting a new standard for sustainable Indonesian coffee

ALKO: From Grassroots to Global

ALKO started with local coffee farmers’ desire to overcome challenges. It grew from a small initiative to help farmers improve production and traceability to a network of over 14,000 farmers. Today, ALKO Coffee company oversees the ins and outs of the coffee supply chain, focusing on efficiency and adding value at every stage to benefit everyone involved, from grower to cup. ALKO’s dedication to improving farmers’ lives through profit-sharing and ownership opportunities mirrors Dimitra’s goals, making for a fruitful partnership.

ALKO’s business model defies conventional practices. They pioneer a community-centric approach that puts the well-being and prosperity of stakeholders first.

ALKO pays coffee cooperatives competitive prices for their harvests, guaranteeing fair compensation that benefits farmers directly. The commitment to the community goes further: ALKO recruits the workforce from local farming communities, building a strong bond with the land and its people. Employees and shareholders participate in annual profit-sharing, aligning incentives and driving collective success.

ALKO’s model empowers those at the forefront of coffee production and reinforces a sense of ownership and accountability. Under CEO Suryono Bagastani’s visionary leadership, the business model has become a testament to the company’s commitment to community empowerment and shared prosperity.

Suryono Bagastani is at the helm of ALKO, standing as a steadfast advocate for coffee farmers and their communities. With a background deeply rooted in coffee cultivation as the son of a coffee grower, Bagastani intimately grasps the challenges and aspirations inherent to the industry. Through his leadership, ALKO has emerged as a pioneering force within the coffee sector, prioritizing both innovation and social responsibility

“As the son of a coffee farmer, I know the farmers’ struggles and also know the potential we have. Through collaboration and cooperation, sharing knowledge and innovation, we can elevate Indonesian coffee to the global market and that includes materializing farmers’ care about protecting nature because nature has provided environmental services.”, said Bagastani.

“Through this opportunity, ALKO and Dimitra strive to turn these challenges into work steps, embrace innovation, and create a brighter future for everyone who shares the same passion for coffee”, mentioned the CEO of ALKO on this partnership.

He emphasizes. “Our coffee is our treasure, a gift from our land and our people. ALKO is dedicated to unleashing its full potential, not only for our farmers, but for the entire world. Together with partners like Dimitra, we are building a future where every cup of coffee tells a story of sustainability, empowerment and hope”.

ALKO’s coffee plantation drying process.

Dimitra and ALKO’s Joint Vision for Agricultural Transformation

To further its mission, ALKO is teaming up with Dimitra, a blockchain-based platform designed to improve agricultural practices and connect farmers with global markets. Dimitra’s technology will help enhance transparency, traceability, and sustainability throughout ALKO’s supply chain. This could lead to increased farmer incomes, improved environmental practices, and greater access to international buyers.

In a bold move, ALKO is transforming its approach to innovation by teaming up with the cutting-edge platform This innovative partnership reshapes agricultural practices and fosters global market connections. By integrating Dimitra’s technology, ALKO is set on boosting transparency, traceability, and sustainability within its supply chain.

“We at Dimitra wholeheartedly echo Suryono’s sentiments and ALKO’s mission. We believe that technology, when combined with the passion and knowledge of farmers like those in the ALKO network, can truly unlock the potential of Indonesian coffee on a global scale.” mentioned Ricky Tanudibrata, Dimitra country partner in Indonesia.

“Our platform is designed to empower farmers with tools that enhance transparency, traceability, and sustainability — the very pillars upon which ALKO has built its success. Together, we can transform challenges into opportunities, amplify the stories behind each bean, and ensure that every cup of ALKO coffee reflects the rich heritage and bright future of Indonesian coffee farming.”, commented Tanudibrata on the collaboration of both partners.

ALKO and Dimitra’s team visiting the plantation site.

This collaboration highlights ALKO’s deep respect for farmers as the backbone of the agricultural industry. By empowering them, ALKO sparks a wave of positive change. Dimitra’s blockchain technology provides a clear view of products, allowing farmers to track goods from the field to the table with precision. This transparency not only builds trust but also helps farmers secure better prices.

Additionally, Dimitra’s technology helps ALKO meet strict environmental standards like the European Union’s EUDR certification. By championing sustainable practices such as reducing carbon footprints, conserving water, and cutting waste, ALKO minimizes its ecological footprint and resonates with eco-conscious consumers.

Moreover, the partnership with Dimitra opens up new opportunities for ALKO to enter global markets. Using Dimitra’s platform, ALKO seamlessly connects with a worldwide network of farmers, suppliers, and buyers, tapping into fresh revenue sources and expanding its customer base. As a result, ALKO strengthens its market position, boosts competitiveness, and drives business growth.

Ahead of the Next Era in Agriculture

ALKO and team up to create a brighter future, blending time-honored values with cutting-edge innovation and a strong commitment to social and environmental responsibility. By combining Dimitra’s groundbreaking tech with ALKO’s people-first approach, they’re paving the way for a coffee industry that’s fairer and more sustainable for everyone.

As ALKO and work together, they set a new standard for global coffee partnerships. Their joint efforts demonstrate the amazing things that happen when traditional know-how meets modern solutions, inspiring others to follow their lead. Now, ALKO and are ready to drive real change, shaping the future of coffee for generations to come.

ALKO and Dimitra team using the Connected Coffee solution on the field.



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