Could Adoption of AgTech for Rural Farms Solve the World Hunger Crisis?

Interwoven Crises: Food, Farm and Planet

Global Food Insecurity

Unsustainable Farming Practices

  • Land degradation, caused by over clearing, poor irrigation, monoculture crop strategies, topsoil erosion
  • Groundwater depletion, caused by inefficient irrigation systems
  • Soil and water contamination, caused by fertilizers, pesticides and other chemicals
  • Loss of ecosystem, caused by human encroachment, deforestation and toxic runoff

Climate Change

  • Water shortages, droughts and floods
  • Shifts in planting and harvesting seasons
  • Pest- and disease-related crop losses
  • Unpredictable weather and extreme temperatures
  • Reduced nutritional value (due to higher CO2 levels)

Bridging the Digital Divide in AgTech

AgTech Accessibility

Dimitra AgTech Solutions for Small Farms

Dimitra Connected Farmer Platform

  • My Farm. Complete farm registration, set goals, establish geofences, order supplies, create a schedule and manage invoices, inventory, workers, maintenance and equipment.
  • My Crop. Manage critical aspects of crop cycles, including soil preparation, planting, irrigation, pest management, harvest and storage.
  • My Livestock. Register livestock, make observations, sell or trade, audit performance and take pictures and videos.
  • My Documents. Keep track of essential documents, including permits, licenses, chemical safety information, inspections and contracts.
  • Knowledge Garden. Research a growing repository of best practices on how to manage all of the elements of a farm. Improve crop knowledge, livestock information, soil preparation practices, pest management and more.

Advanced Farming Modules

Financial Modules

Improving Our Food Futures with AgTech



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Dimitra Technology

Dimitra Technology


Our mission is to partner with developing nations to make agricultural technologies more accessible to farmers.