CeDeFi Breakdown: Loan Program Basics & Trade Finance

Loans Program Basics:

  1. Dimitra signs agreements with cooperatives, farmers’ unions, and farming associations. Every farmer in these cooperatives is given access to Dimitra’s basic application. The cooperative or lending institutions will maintain default insurance for their members.
  2. Farmers begin to register their livestock or crops in the Connected Farmer App. The data collected through the app helps determine loan approvals. The app allows farmers to join Dimitra’s Farmers Points Program and help with tracking and tracing their livestock and products.
  3. Farmer members of partner cooperatives apply for loans in the Dimitra Connected Farmer App as the app meets KYC requirements for loan provision. The loan approval is automated.
  4. The farmer receives USDT in a personal wallet. A QR code is generated to allow local institutions to help farmers convert USDT to local currency.
  5. The farmer buys seed, fertilizer, chemicals, other farming needs, etc.
  6. The farmer uses the Dimitra Connected Farmer application to help maximize yield, reduce cost, and mitigate risk.
  7. The farmer harvests and sells their crops.
  8. The farmer pays back the loan with interest.

Trade Finance:

  1. The farmer harvests and applies for a trade finance loan and waits for payment to arrive from the export customer.
  2. The export customer agrees to pay Dimitra upon receipt, and the farmer receives 80% of the invoice for their crops.
  3. The export customer receives the shipment and then pays Dimitra through the smart contract.
  4. Dimitra and the farmer reconcile fees and interest, and the farmer receives the balance of the proceeds.



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