Accelerating the Adoption Rate of Technology

Dimitra and KEPM Projects strengthening the agri-industry in the UAE with access to advanced technology

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3 min readApr 18, 2023

April 18th, 2023

BELIZE CITY, BELIZEDimitra Incorporated, a global Agtech company on a mission to make its technology available to farmers globally, is working with KEPM Projects in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to fill the gap between local farmers, associations, and Emirate authorities.

Equally important, Dimitra and KEPM Projects will help to strengthen the UAE’s agriculture and food security efforts. Furthermore, this collaboration will help drive sustainable agriculture practices. Additionally, it will pave the way for a prosperous future for farmers and communities in the region.

To illustrate, KEPM Projects brings years of project management, delivery experience, and consulting in the agri-industrial business sector. In addition, their expertise in agtech and agribusiness complements Dimitra’s innovative solutions and services. What’s more, this enables both companies to provide even better support to farmers in the UAE.

Leaders at the Forefront of Innovation

Moreover, Dimitra and KEPM Projects will accelerate the adoption rate of technology in the Emirates agricultural sector, allowing the UAE to lead at the forefront of agricultural innovation. Furthermore, their main objectives to achieve this is the following:

  • Improve food security and sustainability in the region
  • Improve farmers’ access to innovative technology
  • Support digital the transformation in the UAE’s agriculture industry with innovative solutions and services
  • Accelerate the adoption of sustainable farming practices
  • Enhance crop yields and quality for farmers
Behind the desk, Mr. Mulhim Eltayeb, CEO of KEPM Projects, and in front is our Country Sales Partner Mr. Mohamed Alawad

The MENA Regional Director, Eng. Maged Elmontaser, states, ”Dimitra and KEPM Projects have a strategic partnership committed to the promise of faster and smarter decision-making. We’ll explore how to unlock the next wave of future value for farmers, corporations, associations, and governments in the Emirates. With Dimitra’s and KEPM Projects combined innovative technologies and knowledge, we will provide agribusiness with the most innovative, sustainable, and cost-effective solutions.

Dimitra Sales Partner for the UAE, Eng. Mohamed Alawad, says, ”We believe this partnership will enable us to leverage our respective strengths and expertise to create even more value for our customers and partners. Working together, we can drive innovation and progress in the AgriTech industry and help farmers thrive in a changing world.”

Eng. Mulhim Eltayeb, CEO of KEPM Projects, says, “Our partnership with Dimitra represents a significant milestone in our mission to bring comprehensive and sustainable cutting-edge AgTech solutions to farmers in the UAE. Together, we can leverage our expertise to help drive innovation and growth in the agribusiness sector both locally and regionally.

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